Editing xLights_rgb.xml

Editing the xlights_rgb.xml File

This is very dangerous proceed at your own risk.

Most of the configuration data is stored in an xml file ‘xLights_rgbeffcts.xml’ in your show directory. Occasionally, a corruption of a component of the file may occur and you will be asked to edit this file. This section describes the contents of this file and how to safely edit it . Before you edit the file, backup the file (F10 from when in xLights will back up this and other xml files from your show directory).

Using Notepad++

One of the most useful free utilities is Notepad++. Download and install the latest version of Notepad ++ if you do not already have it installed. The following description has been based on Notepad++ version 6.9 running on Windows. Depending on your version, the screen and options may be slightly different. Once installed, install/activate the XML Tools Plugin.

The rgb.xml Effects File

Navigate to your show directory (or where you have the file that is to be edited) and open the ‘xlights_rgbeffects.xml ‘ file.

When open and compressed, the xml structure is similar to the following:

The xml file contains the definitions of your Models, Effects, Palettes, Views, Model Groups, Perspectives, Settings etc. Click on the ‘+’ sign to expand that section. In the following image, the View section has been expanded.

In the following image, the Settings section has been expanded.

In the following image, the Models section has been expanded.

In the following image, the Models Groups section has been expanded.

Each xml section is made up of a pair of matching tags. When you highlight a tag , notepad will highlight the end tag pair. This could be on the same line or after a few lines.

Ctrl Alt Shift B and Ctrl Alt Shift A will indent and expand the individual attributes.

If you have been requested to delete a section, highlight the beginning and end tags and press delete.

When complete, click on the ‘Validate now’ to ensure that the xml is complete and well formed.

Click on Save to save the file and press ok.

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