Sequencer Grid

The DMX effect is used to output a value between 0-255 to the model. Channel 1 in the DMX effect corresponds to the first channel of the model and up to 18 channels can be controlled.

Use a Single Line model for RGB nodes. As an example, 5 RGB nodes which will create 15 channels of data.



Channels 1-10

Select the tab to control Channels 1 -10

Channels 11-20

Select the tab to control Channels 11-20

Channels 21-30

Select the tab to control Channels 21-30

Channels 31-40

Select the tab to control Channels 31-40

DMX Value

Select the DMX value (from 0 to 255) for the Channel that has been selected. The channels will be offset from wherever is defined in the model definition. So if the model for a DMX device starts at channel 450 then the channel 3 slot will control channel 452.


Click on the Value Curves icon to open a list of additional nonlinear effects. Use the Ramp effect to vary the output anywhere from 0 to 255.

For Pan/Tilt head control movement, select the Use Ramps attribute and set it to a timing mark of say 10 seconds long. It will move the head for 10 seconds between the ramp values.