Sequencer Windows

There are several windows that are used to select different properties, setting, or views when using the sequencer tab.

To select additional Windows, click on View/Windows and select the window to have displayed. If the window is already open, selecting it will close the window.

You can close a Window or move them around or if you have an additional monitor configured, then one or move Windows can be moved to the alternate monitor. The Windows are described in the View, Windows section.


You can save the windows that you normally have open as your default perspective. These windows will then be opened when you load xLights.

Select the Dock All option to reset the Windows perspectives and dock all the windows to your current setup.

This is sometimes required if you are using an xLights_rgbeffects file that has been saved with a different default perspective e.g. two monitors and that set-up is not present in your current environment.

The Reset to Defaults options used to reset the Toolbars. This will take effect when you next start xLights.

You must Save these settings for it to take effect - you will be prompted to save when quitting xLights.

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