This function enables you to to play the audio during sequencing at normal (Full) speed or to adjust the audio to faster or slower speeds as shown below. Slower speeds are useful for fine tuning timings to the audio, especially on fast paced songs. Higher speeds are useful for seeings all the effects used without having to listen to the entire song.

Click in the waveform and then select one of the speed options. Click Play. The audio will then be played at the selected speed and the vertical visual indicator will move along at the speed being played.

As the speed is slowed the pitch of the song will get lower.

To return to normal speed, select Play Full Speed.


The volume of the audio can also be adjusted to 4 preset options at the lower portion of the Audio Menu. This can be used in addition to or instead of the audio volume controls on your computer.

If joining the Zoom help meetings and screen sharing, set the Audio to "Very Quiet" as the volume controls on your computer do not change the volume of the audio that is being shared with others in the meeting.

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