The Ripple effect generates a ripple like spreading movement of color similar to when an object is dropped into water. One or multiple colors can be used for the effect.



Object to Draw

Defines the shape of the object that will ripple. The Circle is the default and the most commonly selected value. A Square, Triangle, Star, Polygon, Heart, Tree, Candy Cane, Snow Flake, Crucifix(Cross), and Present shape can also be selected.


Defines the direction of the ripple i.e. Explode (Outwards) and Implode (Inwards).


Controls the thickness of each line of the ripple.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.

Cycle Count

Defines the number of cycles that the shape should explode/implode within the given time frame of the effect. Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.


Number of Points/Sides of the Shape, Only available on Star, Snow Flake, and Polygon.


Rotation of the shape.


Indicates whether the ripple effect should render as is a 3D or 2D effect.

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