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Sequencer Grid
The Marquee effect displays scrolling lines or bands of pixels around the edge of an model or from one end of a line to the other. One or multiple colors can be used for the effect. If multiple colors are selected, then the bands of the effect will be sequentially selected from the colors chosen.
Band Size
Controls the proportion ( % wise) of the circumference of the marquee effect that the pixels will light up.
Skip Size
Controls the proportion (% wise) of the circumference of the marquee that will be skipped by the pixel color ie will be dark.
Controls the thickness of the marquee effect ie how many pixels wide.
Defines the orientation of the pixel band thickness (visible if the thickness is > 1).
Controls the speed at which the marquee effect moves around.
Start Position
Shifts the start position.
If selected, reverses the direction of the effect to counterclockwise.
Scale (x:y)
Used to control the scale (i.e. boundary) of the marquee effect.
Defined as a % from -100% to + 100% if ‘Offset in Pixels is not ticked
Defined as number of Pixels from -100 to + 100 if ‘Offset in Pixels is ticked
Offset in Pixels
Used to specify exact number of pixels rather than % for offset - see Scale (x:y)
X-axis, Y-axis Center
Used to control the center position of the marquee effect within the model
Wrap X / Y
Used to warp the effect horizontally or vertically around the model.
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