The Perspectives Window enables you to save your current window positions and retrieve and use them later. So you can have a set of windows open for a single monitor , a different set when you have two monitors etc.

You can specify a name for each Perspective (Single Window Perspective, Dual Monitor Perspective etc). In order to do so, with the windows arranged as required, Click on Save as New. You will be prompted to specify a name. Click on Save to save it.

The solid circle to the left of the Perspective name indicates which Perspective you are using. To overwrite it, click on Save Current. You will be prompted to confirm that you wish to override the current perspective. Click on Save to save the Perspective.

Select a saved perspective and double click to load the required windows.

To load and use a different perspective or change/remove one, click on Edit/Load. Select the perspective and use the ‘-’ button to delete it or Click on Rename to Rename it.

Double Click to load and use the perspective. You can also do this by selecting the perspective directly by clicking on its name in the previous window. To revert to the default perspective, click on Default Perspective in the previous window.

Perspective Definition

There are a number of windows on the left of the Sequencer Canvas (Model Preview, House Preview, Effect Assist, Effect Settings) and on the top of the Canvas (Effects, Color, Layer Blending and Layer Settings). This is currently the Default Perspective.

If you have a single monitor, you can close the windows that you may not use straight away or if you have multiple displays , then you can drag and rearrange them.

The next image shows the common windows kept open, moved to the left, and the less common ones have been closed.

You can however arrange the windows in any fashion.

The rearranged windows must be saved as the default perspective so that it is loaded in that fashion whenever you open xLights.

Click on View, Perspective and then Save Current.

To Open and select Windows, click on View, Windows and select the Window(s) that you wish to have open.

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