The Music effect analyses and displays a representation of the frequency breakdown of the song from the waveform. Select at least two colors.




Controls the number of bars that are displayed for the effect. The bars displayed is also influenced by the range of notes selected.


Separate - Color bars starts in the middle and separates out.

Morph - starts at the bottom and goes to the top. (Use layer settings to change/rotate direction).

Bounce - Similar to Morph , but bounces after each completion.

Collide - Color bars starts at the outside and move inwards.

On - The bar comes on and fades away.

Start, End Note

Controls (narrows) the range of notes (MIDI values) that are used for the effect i.e notes outside this range will be filtered out. Value 60 corresponds to ‘Middle C’ .


Controls the threshold level of the music at which the effect gets triggered. The effect will last as long as the intensity is above the threshold. Increasing the sensitivity raises the threshold and therefore reduces the effects.


Enables the effect to be moved horizontally to the left or right. Useful if you wish to layer another effect offset in the other direction.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.

Scale Bars

If selected, will cause the bars to be spread out (i.e scaled across the whole effect spectrum).

Note Scaling

If selected , will increase activity of All/Individual notes in quiet areas of the song. Using scaling makes effects trigger easier.


  • None: Notes aren’t scaled.

  • Individual notes: Each notes is scaled such that every note will reach 100% at some time during the duration of the effect.

  • All notes: Notes are scaled such that one note will reach 100% at some time during the duration of the effect.


Changes the way that the colors are rendered . Options are Distinct , Blend or Cycle.

For the Cycle option, the first time the note is triggered, the first color of the palette will be selected, the next time the second color etc as the colors are cycled through.


Controls whether the effect fades over it duration.

Logarithmic X Aris

Change the x-axis scale to logarithmic. This will better even out the auto waveform on the low frequency end.

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