User Manual

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This opens the default web-browser with a link to the xLights Zoom Meeting Room. This is a online meeting room with audio and video, where users can meet for technical support. Participants can share their computers desktop for remote assistance. It is Recommended to have a microphone to help other participants talk you through the issue. It is also possible to use your phone and call in for audio only assistance. There is a "Official" US meeting at every Wednesday 8pm EST , and Australian meeting every Friday, 8pm AEST. The Zoom Room is open 24/7 and can be used anytime for tech support questions.

Key Bindings

View a list of the current keyboard shortcuts.


Basic About Page with information about the tab the user is currently on.


Link to the xLight Help forums.

Video Tutorials

Link to which contains many HowTo videos.


Link to to download the newest release.

Release Notes

Opens the xLights Software Release Notes.

Issue Tracker

Opens the Default Web-browser with a link to the xLights Issue Tracker.


Link to the Offical xLights Support Group Facebook Page

Link to the Offical xLights PayPal Donation web page.

Check for Updates

Checks for new version of xLights. This is also done automatically on program startup.


The About option display a window containing xLights release information, the official website, copyright and acknowledgements.

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