DMX Model

DMX model

The DMX model has a number of different styles and each has a different model representation.

After selecting the DMX Mode, a list of Sub Types will display.


Used to define any generic DMX Fixture. Can be used for 3/4 Channel RGBW lights or devices like Fog or smoke machines.

Floodlight/ Area Flood

Used for multichannel Flood lights. The Single Line Model can all be used for DMX Floodlights.

Moving Head/ Moving Head 3D

For DMX Moving Heads. Supports Shutter control, RGBW channels, Color Wheel, etc.


Induvial Servo Control, Supports 16 bit servos.


For Skulls with servos embedded in them. Skulltronix Skulls are also supported.


DMX Style

Moving Head Display Style: Moving Head Top, Moving Head Side, Moving Head Bars, Moving Head Top Bars, Moving Head Side Bars, Moving Head 3D

# of Channels

Defines how many channels the model uses

Number of Preset

Set the Number of Preset DMX Presets. These define presets are values that are assigned to a Channel when rendering non DMX effects.

Pan Attributes

Set the Pan Channel, Orientation, Rotation

Tilt Attributes

Set the Tilt Channel, Orientation, Rotation

Color Type

RGBW is 4 individual color channels. Color Wheel uses one channel for the color wheel and one for brightness.

Shutter Attributes

Set the Shutter Channel, Open Threshold, and On Value. 'Open Threshold' is the DMX value when the shutter will open and the light will be visible. 'On Value' is a fixed value the shutter channel will be once enabled, '0' will disable it.

Due to the Custom Render Styles of DMX model it is recommended to use Per Model Default render style when added effects to a group of DMX Models

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