The Bars effect creates straight edged multiple color bars that move across a model. The edges may be hard, highlighted or 3D (soft).



Palette Rep

Number of times the color palette repeats on a model. All the colors selected will repeat as many times as this value is defined.

Therefore , if 2 colors are selected and this value is 3, each of the 2 colors will come on 3 times , resulting in 6 changes of colors.

This whole setting is multiplied by the Cycles value.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.


Number of cycles for the duration.


  • If set to 1, then the colors selected and palette rep combination will execute once.

  • If set to 2 and there are 3 colors and the palette rep is set to 4 , then there will be 24 changes of color (2 cycles * (3 colors * 4 reps) ) in the selected duration.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.

Center Point

Enables you to control where the center point is for expand and compress (both vertical and horizontal).

Direction UP/DOWN

Bars move UP or DOWN a model.

Direction Expand

Bars start at the center and move outward towards the top and bottom.

Direction Compress

Bars start at the top and bottom edges of a model and move to the center.

Direction Left/Right

Bars start at the left/right edges of the model and move to the other side.

Direction H Expand

Bars start at the horizontal middle of the model and expand towards the left and right edges.

Direction H Compress

Bars start at the left/right edges of the model and move in towards the horizontal center of the model.

Direction Alternate

Bars are not animated like the other direction options. The colors for each bar change to the next color selected in the palette.


A single row of white is set at the leading edge of each color.


The trailing edge of each color fades to black.


When selected, causes the different colors to merge into each other as a gradient rather than as a sharp change.

Layering a On effect with a start intensity of 0% and ending of 100% will result in a ramp up, as opposed to an On effect with hard edges. Be sure to set the blending option of the On effect to “layer 1 is mask”. Make sure the cycle count is set to 1, and you have a color selected (doesn't matter which color since it's a mask).

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