The On effect turns every pixel on for a given model/group

Prerequisite information: Only one color may be used with the ON effect. If multiple colors are chosen, only the first color selected will be used.



Start Intensity

Start Intensity of On Effect.

End Intensity

End Intensity of On Effect.


Transparency of the On Effect.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.

Cycle Count

Number of times the start/end cycles repeats per effect duration.


  • If set to 1, then the start/end cycle will execute once.

  • If set to 2, then the start/end cycle will execute twice.


"Strobe" the effect.

A start intensity of 0% and ending of 100% will result in a ramp up, opposed to an ON with hard edges.

Click on the "Shimmer" to get a shimmer effect.

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