The Faces effect is used by xLights to generate singing and talking face effects. It is used and placed on the sequencer as part of the Papagayo import functionality, if the target in xLights is a Coro face.

It is also used within xLights functionality to generate Singing Faces. The use of this effect is described in the section describing Singing Faces.




Sets Face to specific mouth position.

Timing Track

Sets Timing Track to use for Lyrics/Phonemes

Face Definition

Sets Face Definition to use. These are setup in the model preference under the 'Faces' option.


Sets if the Eyes are 'Open', 'Close', 'Automatic', or '(off)'. 'Automatic' blinks the eye based on frequency. '(off)' disables the eye.

Eye Blink Frequency

Set the speed of Automatic Eye Blinking

Show Outline

Show outline if defined in the Face Definition.

Suppress Shimmer

Skip '-shimmer' tags in Timing Tracks lyrics.

Use State as outline

Use a State Definition for 'coloring' the Outline

Suppress when not singing

If set, the Face will disappear if not lyrics are present, in the timing track.

Lead In/Out Frames

Number of frames the face will appear before the lyrics start/end, Only available if 'Suppress when not singing' is enabled.

Fade during lead in/out

Fade the face in and out during the Lead in/out frames, Only available if 'Suppress when not singing' is enabled.

Transparent Black

Sets the black pixels transparent to show effects on lower layers.

Color Pallet

The color pallet is used to determine the color of the signing face. If force custom colors is enabled in the model's face definition, the custom colors takes precedence and the color pallet will not change the effects color.

Pallet ColorFace Nodes

1st Pallet Color

Mouth Nodes

2nd Pallet Color

Eyes Open/Close Nodes

3rd Pallet Color

Outline Nodes

4th Pallet Color

Outline2 Nodes

5th Pallet Color

Eyes Open2/Close2 Nodes

6th Pallet Color

Eyes Open3/Close3 Nodes

Singing Faces

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