The Curtain effect creates a color transition of one or more colors across the face of a model depicting a curtain opening or closing based on the options selected.

Used most effectively on models such as a mega tree, a matrix, whole house or grouped arches. Can also be used on singular items such as each arch.



Curtain edge

Denotes how the curtain edge will come together (i.e. close) or open – depending on the ‘Effect’ setting value.


Center – Two curtains will move from the outside to the inside (center) of the model or from the inside (center) to the outside of the model.

Bottom – The curtain sweep will be from the top, closing or opening out towards the bottom.


Denotes whether the curtain should open, close, open then close or close then open. Used in conjunction with the curtain edge direction.

Swag Width

Defines the curve of the curtain effect. A value of zero will depict a straight curtain edge. A value of 10 will depict a curved curtain edge with a sweeping drop.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.

Swag Speed

Defines the speed at which the curtains will close or open.

Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.


If true, the the action will repeat multiple times. If false, it only happens once.

You can use the curtain effect layered with any other effect as a mask to reveal the other effect.

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