Sequencer Grid
The Galaxy effect creates a spiral like effect that expands around the model either clockwise or counterclockwise. Used most effectively on models such as a mega tree or a matrix.
One or multiple colors can be used for the effect. If multiple colors are selected, than the spiral will be made up of the selected colors.
Start: Center X,Y
Defines the x and y coordinates of the center (i.e. focus) point of the galaxy effect.
Start: Radius
Defines the lower radius of the galaxy.
Start: Width
Controls the width of the lower end of the spirals.
Start: Angle
Controls the angle of the spirals.
End: Radius
Defines the upper radius of the galaxy.
End: Width
Controls the upper width of the spirals.
End: Rev’s
Determines the number of full revolutions each arm makes in the given timeframe.
Options: Head Duration
Controls the swell i.e. the amount of time that the head of the spiral uses.
Options: Acceleration
Sets the speed of a non-linear movement for the head color and body.
Options: Reverse
Reverses the direction of the rotation of the galaxy effect.
Options: Blend Edges
Each edge blends to black. Turning it off converts the galaxy effect to a full circle at the end of the rotation.
Options: Inward
If the spirals overlap, it determines if the spirals will appear to be moving inward or outward. If there is no overlap, this setting will have no effect.
Last modified 4yr ago