The Glediator effect enables the import and use of an effect that has been created using the Glediator software into xLights. Glediator is a 3rd party application that can generate an unlimited number of effects. Once an effect has been created, it must be saved as a .GLED file.

Place the Glediator effect in on timing cells that you wish to have the effect on a model. Click on the filename prompt and browse and select the gladiator file.

You must configure Glediator to the X,Y dimensions of your model you wish to add effects to.

You may also use Jinx! to create effects. It will create a ‘.out’ file which can be used with this effect. There is no need to rename the saved output file to .gled to use with the Glediator effect. The Glediator effect now supports .GLED and .OUT files.

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