Effects Grid

Effects Grid


This function enables you to change the size (i.e. width of each band) of the sequencer grid.

Five options are available: Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large.

Icon Backgrounds

When an effect such as the Morph effect is placed between timing marks (as an example over several seconds long), a representation of the color changes over time for that effect.

If unchecked, then the effect on the sequencer grid will only show the generic effect icon and not the colors. Not all effects have this difference.

Node Values

This function provides the ability to turn off the effect displaying colors at the node level.

Turning it off improves rendering performance and is recommended where effects are only being dropped at the model level. The value can be turned back on as required.

Snap to Timing Marks

If checked, When moving or resizing an effect this will snap the effect beginning and/or endpoint to the closest timing make if you drag it close enough (approx 10 pixels on your monitor).

Double Click Mode

When "Play Timing" is selected, if you Double Click a timing mark, xLights will play the sequence for that timing mark interval. If "Edit Text" is selected, the Edit Label Dialog will appear. This Dialog allows you to input lyrics for singing faces or states for the state effect. The opposite option's functionality will works if you hold down shirt key then double click.

Small Waveform

When Enabled, the audio waveform will appear smaller on the screen. This is designed for screens with lower resolutions.

Display Transition Marks

If checked, color bars are display to represent transitions, like fade in or fade out.

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