Tool Icon Size

This function enables you to change the size of the tool icons that are used to represent the effects on the effects ribbon.

Four options are available:

OpenGL Version

The OpenGL setting is used to define what version of the OpenGL API is being used for certain components of xLight rendering of 2D and 3D graphics.

This option does not have to be used unless you see issues with the waveform or icons not being displayed or the sequencer is jerky. In which case, starting with 3.x and working downwards , select an option and restart xLights and check the results. Advise the xLights team, as it could be that your video card drivers on your computer need updating.

OpenGL Render Order

In 3D mode, Model and Objects sometimes do not look correct in the house preview on all videocards. The Render Order 1-6 options use different render methods to generate the model layout. If you are having unwanted visual artifacts, try a different options and see if the models look better on your specific computer.

Model Handle Size

This option will adjust the size of the model handles in the Layout Tab.

There are three sizes available:

Effect Assist Window

"Always On" will display the window in all cases, "Always Off" won’t display the window and "Auto Toggle" will display the window if the effect supports it, else won't display the window if the effect does not have this capability. Click on an effect in the sequencer grid and expand the Effect Assist window. If "Always on" is selected and the effect is not supported by this window, then you will see a red X in the window.

Play Controls On Preview

This Options will display Play, Pause, Stop, Scrub Bar to the House Preview to allow control of the sequence playback. They will only appear if the house preview window is larger than 400 wide by 300 high.

Auto Show House Preview

Automatically Show the House Preview Window when the sequence is playing and hide the House Preview when the sequence is stopped.

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