Download/Import Models

Download/Import Models

Import Model

After Selecting the Import Model Button, You must click on the layout preview and drag out a box and release, to represent the imported model location.

Then select the local .xmodel file with the File Select Window

The imported model will be the same model type it was exported as. If the .xmodel file contains a custom Model, the imported model will also be a custom model.

Download Model

After Selecting the Download Model button, You must click and drag out a box and release on the layout screen to represent the downloaded model location.

The Model Dialog will appear where you can select the desired model you would like to insert.

Click Insert and Model will be added to your layout.

Models for supported built in model types like trees, stars, wreaths(circle model) will NOT appear in the download model dialog.

If a model is incorrect or missing please contact the specific vendor.

The Model Download Dialog is populated by Vendors that support the xLights project. Encourage your specific vendor to support the project if they want their models to be included.

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