The Butterfly effect creates seemingly random patterns of color swirling around, based on an initial set of parameters. This is very effective on a number of different types of models.




Rainbow or Palette can be selected. If Palette is selected, then the colors from the Color selection window are used.


Up to 10 different styles can be selected for the effect.

Bkgrd Chunks

Controls whether and how sections of black color are to be used between the colors. Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options

Bkgrd Skip

Used in conjunction with the background chunks to skip the black background. Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options.


Controls the speed with which the effects change. Can be adjusted via the Value Curves options


Controls whether the effect moves outwards or reverses direction.

Butterfly style #2 generates radial patterns that look great on round models such as snowflakes, stars, globes, etc.

The effect can be repeated on the same model with different colors, directions or timings, using layers and offsetting the position on the model.

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