The Shockwave effect describes a circular object that starts small and expands to a larger circle. The effect can be configured to do the opposite i.e. start as a large circle and shrink to a smaller one.

One or multiple colors can be used for the effect. If multiple colors are used, then as the effect expands or contracts, the circle color will cycle through the selected colors.



Center X, Y

Controls the center of the effect. Moving either value changes the horizontal or vertical axis position.

Radius 1, 2

Controls the size of the circle effect by changing the starting or ending radius values. If the Radius 2 value is set to be > than the Radius 1 value, then the effect will contract inwards rather than expand outwards.

Width 1,2

Controls the amount of the colored component of the effect and the rest of the black background component.


Controls the speed at which the effect expands and contracts.

Blend Edges

If selected, the circle colors will have a fuzzy look. If not selected the edges of the circle will have a sharp look.

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