eMail Address

This settings allows the user to provide a contact email for when xLights submits a crash report. This is completely optional.

Hardware Video Decoder

This setting allows xLights to use the computer's GPU to render video files. If you are having issues with video files's not displaying, it is recommended to disable this setting.

Shader On Background Threads

This setting allows xLights to compile shader effects on a background. This can help improve render times of shaders.

Exclude Presets From Packaged Sequences

If selected, when a sequence is packaged with the Package Sequence option, all effects presets are stripped from the xlights_rgbeffects.xml file.

Exclude Audio From Packaged Sequences

If selected, when a sequence is packaged the audio file is skipped as it is generally not legal to share audio files with other people. When the recipient opens the sequence they will need to point to where the audio file is on their computer.

If excluding the audio from a packaged sequence, it is necessary to provide the source of the audio file to those the package sequence is being sent to. This is best done by filling on the metadata on the sequence settings for the song, artist, album, and music URL (link for download).

Video Export Settings

Set the Video Codec and bitrate used by the Export House Preview Menu Dropdown. H.264 is recommended new Macs (M1, M1 Max, M2) with hardware video rendering. MPEG-4 is an older/slower standard that will create large video files.

This option will cause xLights to save both the Controller Settings and Layout Settings when either save button is clicked.

When Uploading Controller Inputs and Outputs, this will cause xLights to do both upload actions when Upload Output is clicked.

Prompt issues during batch render

If enabled this will prompt the user of error during batch render. These errors could be related to missing models and missing effect files. If disables these errors will be ignored and render will be skipped for the models involved.

Purge Download Cache at Startup

Force xLights to download the newest Vender Models on startup. It is recommended to enable this option on fast internet connections.

Tip of the Day

Set the 'Level' of tips of the day, you will receive. Off will disable Tip of the day.

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