Matrix Model

Matrix Model

The direction can be defined as horizontal (the most common) or vertical. The ‘# Strings’ refers to the number of controller connections of the matrix. The Nodes/String refers to the number of nodes in each string. The 'Strands/String' is the number of 'rows' or zigzags per string. With AC lights ‘# Strings’ is the number of channels the Lights/string is the lights per string.

The starting location indicates where the matrix is connected to the controller (or where channel 1 of the matrix is).

Above is an example of a horizontal matrix with 16 rows and 50 pixels per row.

If the Strands/String is set to '2' it will add a zigzag and there will be 32 rows with 25 pixels per row.

Alternate Nodes will "hop" every other node down and back to have the string start and stop at the same location.

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