The Color Tab allows the user to change the colors options of xLights. The First two Columns Relate to the colors in the Sequence Tab, while the third column changes Layout Colors.

Sequencer Colors

Timing Tracks

These Colors are used for the Timing Tracks Header's background color in the Sequence Tab.


Changed the Timing Mark's Color.


Effects Changes the Color of the "Bounding Boxes" of the Effects

Effect Selected

Selected Effect Color (When Mouse Click and Dragging to select multiple effects.)

Effect Referenced

Effect Referenced Color.(The Effect the Effect Settings Dialog is Currently Referencing)

Row Heading

Row Heading Background Color

Row Heading Text

Row Heading Text Color

Row Heading Selected

Currently Selected Row Heading Color

Dashed Selected

Mouse Click and Drag Box Color


The color of the Gridlines between the rows and columns.(Red in the Picture Below)


Timing Track Label Background Color

Labels Outline

Timing Track Label Outline Color


Singing Faces Phrases Background Color


Singing Faces Words Background Color


Singing Faces Phonemes Background Color

Fixed Timings

Timing Tracks that cannot be edited.

Locked Effects

Selected Locked Effect (Click and Drag Select)

Locked Reference Effect

Locked Effect Referenced Color (The Effect the Effect Settings Dialog is Currently Referencing)


Audio Waveform Color

Waveform Background

Audio Waveform Background Color

Waveform Selected

Audio Waveform Selected Color

Waveform Selected Effects

Audio Waveform Selected Effect Interval Marker Color

Layout Tab

Model Default

Model Color

Model Selected

Model Selected Color

Model Overlap

Color of other models with overlapping channels of the selected model. Overlap checks enabled must me active for this to appear.

Dashed Selected

Mouse Click and Drag Box Color



Import Color Settings from a .xtheme file saved on the computer.


Export Color Settings as a .xtheme file to use/import on other computers.

Reset Defaults

Reset Colors to the xLights Default colors


Cancel Color Changes and Close Preference Dialog


Save Color Changes and Close Preference Dialog

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