The Fan effect creates spiralling blade like objects that move around the model either clockwise or counterclockwise. Used most effectively on models such as a mega tree or a matrix.

One or many colors can be used for the effect. If multiple colors are selected, then the blades of the fan will be made up of the selected colors.



Position: Center X,Y

Defines the x and y coordinates of the center (i.e. focus) point of the fan effect.

Position: Radius 1

Defines the lower radius of the fan.

Position: Angle

Defines the angle of each arm of the fan.

Position: Radius 2

Defines the upper radius of the fan.

Position: Revs

Defines the number of 360 degree rotations per timing mark the effect is in.

Blades: # Blades

Defines how many blades the fan effect will use per color selected.

Blades: Width

% of area that the width of each blade will take on the effect.

Blades: Angle

Angle of each blade from center.

Blades: # Elements

How many segments each blade is divided into - default is 1.

Options: Duration

Controls the swell i.e. the amount of time that the fan swells out.

Options: Acceleration

Controls how quickly the fan swells out and then back in.

Options: Reverse

Reverses the direction of the rotation of the fan effect.

Options: Blend Edges

Each edge blends to black. Turning it off converts the fan effect to a full circle at the end of each swell.

Playing with the radius values i.e. making radius 2 less than radius 1 can provide some interesting effects.

You can create four Fan effects that each take up about one quadrant of your model (matrix/house) and have them all doing different thing with their arms blending at the edges. The four positions would be x25:y25, x25:y75, x75:y75, x75:y25.

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