Add support for convert node data to effects at the strand and model level to reduce the tedium of converting each node individually.

Add a link to install vamp plugins when creating timing tracks on a musical sequence and vamp is not installed.


In MIDI events add the ability to discern non zero data 1/2.

Add an active property to models so you can hide models from display.


Add the ability to control gravity in liquit effect.


Add import of previews and models from another rgbeffects file.


Suport a "-shimmer" suffix on phonemes which will shimmer the phoneme mouth. This needs to be manually added where you want it.

Add a right click menu to the test dialog channel lists to quick select/deselect channels/models/outputs.


Add support for scss palette files.

Allow user to control model handle sizes.

Added Ellipse to Shapes Effect.

Added Rotation to the Present, Tree, Heart, and Crucifix in the Shapes Effect.


Add a character map browser to the shape effect emoji.


Add cut to effects grid right click menu

Add alternate pixel wiring to the spinner model


Add custom model import onto matrices/trees as submodels including the submodels, faces and states.


Add a LOR S5 LOREDIT file import


Add falcon smart remote support

Add ability to split timing marks in half


Added Cut/Copy/Paste Support for 3D Objects in the Layout Tab

Added Arrow Key Support for 3D Objects in the Layout Tab

Add yet more wiring options to the cube model


Add logarithmic x axis to spectragram

Add line spectragram to vu meter

Add circle line spectragram to vu meter


Add ctrl/ctrl-shift constraints to sub-buffer corner moves

Add ctrl/ctrl-shift constraints to morph assist panel corner moves

Allow fireworks x/y location to work independently. If only one is set only that axis is constrained


Make hold color an option on shapes effect

Rework morph effect assist gestures to be more like the sub-buffer panel


Add shift move to morph effect assist

Allow material files to be left in a subfolder under obj file location as long as it is referenced in the material file

Make the row header resizable


Add an <All> state to state effect that activates all states. Also recognize * in timing track as well

Include xmap files in the backup


Add movement to shapes effect

Refactor the fireworks effect including new settings and new value curves

Add gain to VUMeter

Add an inverted music value curve

Add gain to music value curve Render cache effects which have blur or rotation applied


Add channel remapping to the DMX effect

Add an option for 2D preview to move the 0.0 location to the middle bottom


Add inside/outside ratio to star model

Add zoom gesture to Preview Panels.

Allow cube and sphere to be exported as 3D custom models

Make green box on 2D layout optional

Add right click reset camera position to house preview and layout

Add bulk edit to effect type


Make model move accelerate when using keyboard when repeatedly moving models using keyboard

Add sphere model

Increase maximum hollow size on spinner


Add pan based on viewing angle in 3d

Add cube model

Add value curve flipping


Add 3d