Rounder ends for the Galaxy effect.

Use dynamic step angle to prevent holes in Galaxy effect for large radii.

Update Fan to support spatial colors and not leave any holes.

Update Shockwave to support spatial colors and not leave any holes.

Add more sub buffer panel right click menu options for fast setting sub buffers

Add manual sub buffer editing allowing more precise control over sub buffer sizing

Add home (start of song) /end (end of song) /pause (pause playing song) shortcut keys in sequencer

Add spatial color curves to single strand

Add spatial color curves to pinwheel

Add reset to default on remaining effects when you select a different effect to the one currently selected (fan/morph/shockwave/dmx/fill/galaxy)


Add spatial color curves to spirals

Add spatial color curves to bars

Rewrite pinwheel effect to handle larger buffer sizes cleanly

Reset buffer panel when selecting a new effect

Reset buffer panel when selecting a new effect

Add spatial color curves on the On effect

When opening sequence check for a newer xbkp file. If it exists prompt the user to use it instead.

Add -w command line switch which wipes all saved settings restoring machine settings back to a true fresh install

Add checks for large blocks of unused channels between models

Add fireworks fire with timing mark

Add flip to curve

Detect multiple outputs sending data to the same place in check sequence

Input config upload to FPP for bridge mode

Input config upload to falcon controllers Output config upload to falcon controllers


Add ability to time shift all effects in a sequence under Edit menu.


Add wrap option to Fill effect to allow turning off wrap feature.

Add ability to flip the channel numbers in custom model horizontally and vertically.


Changed minute : second counter to accept prepended and appended text


Update sequence checker to handle start channels in #IP:UNIVERSE:CHANNEL format

Fixed change the link button image and hover text in the Setup screen #342

Add shutter support to DMX model.

Allow 180 trees to rotate and make sure they display as 180

Start all jobs that don't depend on anything above them first, then start the rest. 30% performance improvement

Added tool tips for countdowns

New enhancements for countdown timer in text effect

Allow VU Meter to use Papagayo layer 0 as a timing track

Allow rubber band selection of models on layout tab without holding down shift key

Add multi artnet universe adding

Add start channel checks to check sequence

Add a tooltip to show dir/media dir link button to make it clearer what the button does in each state


Allow arrow key to be used to scroll in model list in Layout.

Add -r command line switch to render and save the fseq file and then exit

Modify value curve icon so its clear when its not selected.

Make import and export of effects remember the last type used under assumption user is likely to want to use it again next time

Add palette reversal and deletion

Add multilayer insertion


Optimize blur - speeds rendering

Add additive/subtractive/min/max blend modes to on effect

Add value curves to Shockwave effect.

Add value curves to the Fan effect.

Add value curves to Morph effect.

Implement e1.31 sync

Show single color string color in sequencer row heading

Add mouth image hints to faces dialog

Add star to ripple effect and VUMeter

Add a free model description property which is included in model export. Useful for documenting things like which controller output it should be on or the cable tag or anything else that you may currently record in a spreadsheet.

Shift + Double click on effect highlights corresponding portion of the waveform

Add a random color curve type ... randomly sets the color to a color between the colors of the color stops

Add palette quick sets

Add ArtNET support - DMX and Sync packets only


Add match duration effect alignment option.


Add value curve user definable presets


Support mask settings for Text effect imported from SuperStar.

Add Shimmer option to Pictures effect to support Scene imports with shimmer from SuperStar.