Add full support for model connection properties for Falcon controllers. Create virtual strings where necessary. Virtual strings will now be deleted on ports we upload to.

Add support for multi-string custom models


Added Rotate 90 option to Custom Model Dialog


Add render cancel to keybindings


Display the range of controller outputs in the model list


Update the falcon upload to recognize the new connection properties ... these are taken from the first model on each output

Add keybindings support for the effect and color update buttons. F5 defaults for effect update but you need to delete keybindings to have the new defaults added


Model controller connection can store various properties including gamma/direction/RGB order/brightness/null pixels which is also used for the FPP controller upload to configure those strings if set

Make fixed timing tracks more obvious and make them convertible to unfixed


Added Cut, Copy, Paste, Zoom In/Out, Background Image, and Model Select to the Node Select Dialog

Add music trigger fade value curve

Add a video effect duration mode that ends transparent rather than blue


Allow user to change row header text color and fix time/frame rate text unreadable on OSX

Increase maximum DMX channels


Add music value curves that track music intensity

Add bulk edit of filename and pathname on picture, video and glediator effect file picker

Add to model list right click menu ability to remove all empty groups


Add export to an really large image file the wiring diagram ... useful for really dense models

Add bulk controller upload ... upload to multiple controllers (of the same type).

Allow sub-buffer to be moved (use ctrl/shift-ctrl to constrain axis of movement)

Add ability to apply a sub-buffer to selected effects - kind of like bulk edit


Add Vixen 3 timing mark import

Add to face effect the ability to auto hide when no phoneme to single

Add more bulk edits to the face effect

Add manual video speed control to video effect including the ability to play it backwards

Smart entry of start channel and controller connection. #1 -> #1:1, 1 -> WS2811:1

In start channel dialog allow user to filter to just models in current preview

Get ESC working as shortcut to cancel most dialogs


Add New Timing Track from row header right-click now provides all timing options.

LOROptimised output nows skips frames when not keeping up. Prevents blue screen crash when turning off output to lights.

2018.34 3D Beta

Add obj file import


Added Start and End Time to the Lyric Dialog

Add MIDI timecode support

Add 7 pixel fonts to text effect

2018.31 3D Beta

Add images and grids to layout


Change the color panel update button to purely apply the colour palette. All other color settings are ignored.

Add the ability to change custom model background image from within the model data dialog

Strip out some buttons and replace them with a right click menu with enhancements to create gaps in node numbers, compress node numbers to remove gaps, trim blank rows and columns from the edges of the model and a shrink function that helps reduce the model size.

Give user some ability to influence minimum model size generated by Generate Custom Model and prevent some over optimised custom models being generated


Add key binding support for presets

Allow timing mark creation after pausing playback


Extend significantly the keybindings available functions


Allow matrix faces to be dropped on submodels


Add a sample on warp mode which samples a pixel from the underlying layer and sets the whole model to that color

Add optional render cache ... likely to improve average render times by 30-50%.

Add ESC key to cancel of render all


Changed the default channel assignments for the Skulltronix Skull option so that you can set the start channel to 1 and the Power channel will start at channel 8, Jaw at 9, etc.

Timing duration is now read from VSA file instead of a hard-coded 33ms.

Add Y offset to wave effect


Add a library of DMX fixtures


Add value curves to marquee


Add display of % location in morph effect assist

Some jukebox configuration improvements

Sub-model import should skip sub-models that already exist in the model

Add ability to make black transparent in video, pictures and matrix faces


Added warp effect for use with canvas blend style

Added "Copy", "Import from Model", and "Import from File" Buttons to the Sub-model Dialog.

  • Copy The Currently Selected SubModel.

  • Import SubModels from another Model.

  • Import SubModels from a xmodel files.


Add PixelEditor import

Add the ability to shift a set of selected effects by a given time interval

Add collapse all layers to row heading right click menu

Add the ability to time shift value curves


Add select/copy/paste all effects on a model

Add search to sequences/lyrics download

Add CSV format to Glediator effect. Each line is a frame, each column is a channel.

Add ability to synchronize shape effects

Add white channel support to the DMX model

Add video render caching to eliminate the need to continually shrink large videos


Support for 4 channel pixel strings (RGBW variants)

Allow specifying how to handle mapping of RGB -> RGBW

Add value curves to snowflakes and meteors

Add the ability to drop an image, video or glediator files onto grid and create the right effects

add the ability to save and load face mappings

Add support for sparse sub-model buffers and label rows more clearly

Add jukebox

Add lyric track and sequence download

Add random value curve setting. Convert to custom once you are happy with your curve or it will keep changing every time the effect is rendered.


Add ability to upload string/dmx configs for various FPP v2 Capes/Hats

Add the ability to select the layers included in Canvas blend mode


Add a play list item that sets a range of pixels to a particular color

Add controller upload support for ECG-P12S firmware 3.3

Add controller upload for ESPixelStick firmware 3.0


Added ability to render a waveform range selection

Add xCapture for capturing E131/ArtNET data from the network and save it to a FSEQ or ESEQ file

Added Search Box to Effect Preset Dialog


Add a canvas blend mode and a transparent option to the off effect which will often be used together


Add display of video when sequencing using a video track for the audio

Add sub-models to test dialog

Add option to suppress outputs not under test in the test dialog

Add an Id attribute to DDP/NULL and all the USB output types which can be used with the #universe:startchannel addressing mode as a substitute for the universe ... as long as you keep the id unique

Add emojis to the shape effect ... in reality these are just characters from fonts ... not full color emojis

Add the ability to control the order in which the x, y and z + zoom rotozoom translations are applied.

Add Spectragram Peak to VUMeter


Don't draw DMX head beams as white when color is black unless in Layout.

Add Effect Select Panel.

Increase Value Curve/Color curve resolution from 40 to 100

Rework the window frame model to allow it to go CW and CCW. This may break some existing models .


Added a new LOR output that allows xLights to control CCRs, Pixies, and other existing controllers to run on a LOR network (LOR USB dongle).

Add matrix face downloader

Add the ability to lock effects. This will prevent moving and resizing only.

Add some course grained volume controls to Audio menu


Randomize only effect settings with a lock available.

Force xtimging import to round down timing mark times if they occur between frames

Add the ability to include multiple timings in a single xTiming file


Added Ctrl-A to Selects all Effects in a Sequence.

Add Select Row Effects to Sequencer Row Right Click Menu.

Added a DMX Flood option to the DMX Model.

Allow the rotate handle to Spin the DMX Model when in 3D mode.

Display in tooltip current effect being rendered in render progress dialog ... if it gets stuck you will know which effect is to blame


Support exporting model to LOR S5 clipboard file

Add Snap to Timing Marks feature. Turn this on in Settings. Only works for single effect resizing.

Make snap to timing mark feature temporary toggle using control key.

Add download of vendor custom models from licensed vendors


Add "Print Layout" option to Layout popup menu

Add WRGB 4 channel node type

Add bulk edit of multiple model controller connection, dimming curve and preview

Add create group of models by right clicking on a layout after selecting the models to be in the group

Add to matrix face dialog attempt to fill in all the rows based on the pattern of an entered row

Add ability to save the layout as an image via right click menu