Added a randomize current selected effect button


Add undo to Delete Row Effects

Add some fast deleting of effects on a layer/model

Add model as a pixel render style for model groups ... treats models within the group as a single pixel

Added Tree, Crucifix, Present, Candy Cane, Snowflake, and Heart Shapes to the VU Effect

Add delete all effects on a layer or a model


Add undo to update effect and update palette actions

Add active timing marks to Value Curve and Color Curve dialogs so you can line things up easier


Import Superstar files onto a sub-model


Add left/right starting locations for candy canes

Add new Single Color Intensity string type that will react to any color.

Add right click on setup to deactivate all unused outputs

Add the ability to abort Generate Custom Model processes by holding down ESC key


Add ESCAPE key abort generate custom model scanning.


Add multicolor support for non-rotated text

Allow user to change number of universes in an e131 multi universe output


Add an option to shrink the waveform display

Improve positioning in printing wiring view to avoid cutoff.

Add keyboard cut & paste to custom model dialog

Add crucifix to shape effect


Add cropping to the video effect




Added Swap Start and End Points to Morph Effect.

Add printing of wiring view

Add display of actual time in value curve and color curve dialogs.

Add X and Y axis rotations to rotozoom

Add ctrl-. and ctrl-/ save and restore position in the sequencer

Add crtl-shift 0-9 which jump to 0%-90% through the song in the sequencer

Add new Ctrl left and right arrow and Ctrl Shift left and right arrow shortcuts in sequencer to move and expand effects to timing marks or next effect



Add ability to import LAS files ... actually this existed ... it just wasnt selectable

Add model locking

Add row heading tooltips where the model names are too wide to display

Add ability to display wiring view from the front

Add wiring views for most inbuilt models

Add Make master capability to display elements which can take any view and copy its definition to the master view

Tag start channels with leading * where the number has not calculated correctly

Add time display to play controls toolbar on house preview


Add LMS timing import


Add fast play speeds


Add option to auto save your perspectives and keep them between show directories on the same machine

Remember sub-model dialog size and position

Add a simple snowflake shape

Add ability to import LOR prop files as custom models


Allow sequence timing to be changed in the GUI.

Add the Shape Effect

Increase maximum number of nodes per arch

Increase maximum file size backed up


Add ability to specify starting location and direction for circle model

Add ability to manual edit effect timing - right click on an effect to access it

Fine tune AC UI ... try to make it more intuitive

Allow AC sequencing on nodes


Test tab remembers test settings between sessions

Improve model naming when copying or adding new models

Add remove unused layers to row heading right click menu

Add controller and connection details to node layout

Add ability to create a custom model from an inbuilt model

Make model group panel drag and drop


Add the block of channels model


Add value curves to sub-buffers

Add simple current estimation to model export ... assumes 0.06A per node which would be normal for a typical white pixel at full power.

Add a collapse all function to the row heading right click menu

Add decaying sine value curve

Add AC Sequencing mode

Add a reverse nodes button to sub-model dialog

Include some standard value curves in the distribution

Add new option via menu setting so that double-click on a timing effect plays the audio for that duration. Useful for creating/adjusting lyric timings.



Add a show all effects row header right click menu option which opens up all groups/models/strands to show all effects ... but only those that are necessary to see them all

Update vixen import to try and find the profile file and use the channel names from there


Use freeform selection if selected timing track has no timing marks.


Add ability to right-click House Preview and switch to custom previews you've created.

Bars Effect: add new directions and VC to center point to allow precise motions.

Show models already used in mapping dialog

Add more sub-model generation options

Add auto mapping for xlights/lor/vixen import ... automatically maps identical model/group names

Add Model State to DMX model so you can use them to represent DMX channels where specific values represent specific behavior


Enhance wiring view and add light background option


Add additional colors to color manager.

Allow entering of a description for a FPP instance in the connection dialog

Allow bulk uploading of sequences to all known FPP instances

Add select used/unused models to Display Elements model list right click menu

Add a per node option to candle effect


Add right-click option to correct aspect ratio of a Matrix model (equal width vs height spacing).

Custom model import will now keep sub-models in original order instead of backwards.

Add values curves to Galaxy Effect

Add 2 new effect alignment options

Allow reverse order for SubModel node ranges (10-5 instead of 5-10).

Display model end channel in layout tab in similar format to start channel (along with absolute

Add source size parameter to Liquid effect

Allow multiple import of xpresets



Save and recall buffer, timing and color panel reset setting


Add pan and tilt slew limits to DMX model.

Add DMX model parameter to control displayed beam length

Add xmodel export of star models

Add sub-model generation



Add direction setting for lightning effect.

Add candle effect

Add timing event pulse and timing event jump 100 VUMeter effects


Add prompted recovery of unsaved changes to rgbeffects

Add liquid effect

Add ability for picture effect to play GIF files with their encoded timing and loop it

Add export/import of matrix, tree and dmx models

Add value curve displaying value of point under mouse even when model isn't custom

All multiple model delete on layout tab. Only prompt to confirm if sequence is open with effects on that model

Add spatial color curve to shimmer effect

Add model size matching to layout panel model right click menu

Add new implementation of shimmer effect algorithm which is more controllable and predictable. The old algorithm is also available.

Add support for the DDP protocol http://www.3waylabs.com/ddp/ - a very light weight ethernet protocol

Add model export to Minleon Network Effects Controller file which can be loaded onto SD card

Add custom frame rates to new sequence setup


Add duration treatments to glediator effect

Add a scale but keep aspect ration option to Pictures effect

Add HSV adjustment to the colour panel ... this is applied after the effect is rendered.

Let the user turn on/off color panel reset when changing effects. This setting is not saved when xlights is closed. It also does not control the pallet itself

Add a new sweep 3d style to pinwheel Default color curves to the colour of the swatch (instead of black)



Add a couple "Per Model" render buffer styles to the ModelGroup render styles

Let the user turn on/off buffer and timing panel reset when changing effects. This setting is not saved when xlights is closed.

Add option to video effect to automatically synchronize with a video file that has been used for the sequence audio track.

On value curve dialog show a tooltip when manipulating a custom curve showing the real value that will be returned by the curve at the chosen point.


Add new Skulltronix skull display option for the DMX model.

Add new 3D DMX head display option for the DMX model.

Add new Servo Effect mainly for 16 bit servos but also works with 8 bit channels.

Add capability to import a VSA file.

Add list of referenced files to export effects

Make LOR import more like xLights import ... using a tree rather than a grid. There is some risk this breaks "CCR" import mode in which case someone needs to send me a sample file.

Make Vixen 2 import more like xLights import ... using a tree rather than a grid.

Give mapping files an extension (*.xmap) to make them easier to locate

Allow user to specify the local IP address to use for e131/Artnet output



Support groups within groups. Preview should be correct with groups within groups

Add sequence option for allowing blending of effects between models/groups

Optionally allow backup to backup xml files in subdirectories for users that don't keep their xml files in the show directory itself but a folder underneath it